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Several years back, I discussed my love of Ting, a sugar-sweetened Jamaican grapefruit soda. It’s been getting harder to find lately, at least here in Washington Heights.

A couple weeks ago, I stopped in to the Kmart on 34th Street (which is really quite nice, as far as Kmarts go) and while downstairs, looking to grab a bottled water to stop my child from dying of thirst (as she assured me would happen), there it was:


And not just Ting, either… something else:

and Pink Ting!


There’s a reason why the photo shows original Ting is pushed aside in favor of the Pink Ting. Regular Ting is like a white-fleshed grapefruit–slightly sweet but mostly sour and a tiny bit bitter–but Pink Ting is like a lovely red grapefruit, almost all sweet with only a little sour and not at all bitter. I honestly had a hard time finishing off the regular Ting after drinking the pink ones.