• gezellig*girl

      You can’t see them all in that shot, but I think there are four Burt’s Bee’s lip balms there in all.
      Also, two Carmex sticks, four Carmex tubes, and a Carmex “Moisture Plus.” (I just really like Carmex, I guess.)

  • cheryl

    I don’t think it’s excessive but I am impressed that you have them all in one place. I probably have that many lip-balm-type products, too, but they are scattered in various bags and pockets and drawers. Part of the reason I have so many is that I can never find one and so I have to go buy another.

    • gezellig*girl

      Well, to be fair, this collection is just all the ones I could find.

      These were in 3-4 different coats and jackets, my purse, the bag I bring to class instead of my purse, my makeup case, and the pile of random crap next to my side of the bed.

  • Kathryn

    Wow, my lip balm collection is freakishly similar. (But not all organized and consolidated like yours.)