Life in Maison Gezellig

And so, another week goes by…

Ordinarily at this time, I would be en route to my kid’s art class, probably hustling across Delancey Street right now, but seeing as she feels a little sniffly, I’m using this time to catch up on the things I’ve been neglecting.

Like this.

And you, reader(s), assuming I am still nestled into your RSS feeds somewhere.

So… hi. How are you? How have you been lately?

Me? I’m good. I’m kind of crazy busy lately, but in a good way, you know?

For example, between this sentence and the last one I just typed, I had to reply to an email about the compost situation at our garden. Basically, we have a lot of food scraps and not enough leaves (or other “browns”) to make a good carbon-to-nitrogen ratio so we’re scrambling to come up with a new source.

Garden stuff like that, repeated 5, 10, or 20 times over the course of a day, really kind of takes up a good chunk of my day.

Oh, speaking of compost, I’m now very nearly officially a Master Composter with the NYC Compost Project!

Not that it got me the compost educator job I applied for last week… but it’s still something I am really incredibly proud of. I’m still not completely official until I complete 30 hours of compost-related volunteer work, so yeah… there’s that on my schedule now, too.

And then there’s my kid (who took the photo at the top of this post) who is still homeschooled and still as rad as ever.

Plus there’s my own writing work. Oh, and I’m writing reviews for Kirkus now. I think I’m supposed to stay anonymous or I’d totally post some of the reviews here. A couple of the books have been such utter crapfests that I would love to share the reviews I wrote for them.

One thing I will say for being this busy…  America, if I ever busted your chops for your shitty food choices, I just want to say I’m sorry. 

I see the appeal of the drive-thru, the frozen foods, the nearly instant dinner. Because sometimes it’s suddenly 6:30pm and everyone is famished and all you want to do is shove food in your face and then collapse on the couch for a couple hours. I have been there several times of late and those moments do not usually lead to very good food choices.

So, if you have had occasion to roll your eyes a little or ever mutter “must be nice to have so much time on your hands” at me, I do not begrudge you for it.

Because I totally get it now.