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Halloween 2012

My 9-year-old daughter went as Sherlock Holmes for Halloween this year.

We didn’t plan it; in fact, she was unusually indecisive about a costume this year so we went store-to-store and examined all the various¬†possibilities.

Anything deemed “girly” was ruled out (by her) but anyone in The Avengers (Thor and Captain America were both considered), Super Mario characters, and a few other options were all on the table… until she found the last “Sherlock costume kit” (which also included a monocle?) and that was it. Costume done.

Now, most of you know I do not post stuff about my kid (or at least not very often) because I have always felt that she is entitled to her privacy, especially now that she’s old enough to read everything I write here.


The more I look at this photo and think about it, the more I realize: I would never have had the balls (no pun intended) to dress up in this costume at her age.  

What if no one got who I was supposed to be?
What if people thought I was a boy?
What if they all laughed at me?

I don’t think any of these questions even occurred to her. (Okay, I just asked and she says no, none of these possibilities crossed her mind.)

I don’t know how much of that is being homeschooled or how much is what I’ve instilled or how much is just who she is, but damn, that is fucking rad as hell.

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  • Beth

    Way to raise a kid who knows who she is and isn’t cowed by concerns about what others might think! That’s awesome, truly.