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smoothies in every color

I’ve become rather smoothie-obsessed of late.

Maybe I just really need the extra vitamins or something but I have been making smoothies out of almost anything I can get my hands on this winter.

I started out with the usual line-up of ingredients: orange juice, strawberries, bananas, maybe some yogurt or a kiwi.

But when I tired of that and started trolling Pinterest for new ideas, the same thing kept popping up: green smoothies, usually made with raw spinach or even kale.

I was deeply skeptical of the idea of  raw kale smoothie — particularly as many of these recipes came from the kind of blogs which would also try to convince you that nutritional yeast is just as delicious as cheese.

Which, you know, come on.

At any rate, it was my own kid who (upon hearing my scoffing at such a smoothie recipe) remarked that a kale smoothie actually sounded pretty good to her and that was all the encouragement I needed.

We bought a bag of washed and chopped kale and put a couple handfuls into the blender with strawberries and orange juice, and it was…delicious.

Like, actually genuinely delicious, to the point that I texted my husband at work to tell him about it. (His reply: “huh okay i guess”)

There’s not much of a recipe to be had here, though. Basically, I just try to put in just enough sweet ingredients to balance out the kale. And the kale will look like a TON when you put it into the blender but it will blend down into a fraction of what was there.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • 2 kiwis + about a cup of orange juice + 3-4 handfuls of raw kale
  • about 1.5 cups frozen strawberries + OJ + kale
  • a sweet juice blend (like R.W. Knudsen’s Mega Green) + a handful of ice cubes + kale

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  • Megan

    What type of blender do you use? I’m in need of purchasing a new one, and would predominantly be using it for smoothies.