• Greenmarket Grub

    A review and a question.

    I’ve never really liked honey.

    I’ve always felt it was okay for certain situations — in tea when you’re sick, mostly. So, when I ran out recently, I wasn’t in any great rush to buy more, seeing as I’m not due to get a cold for another couple months at least.

    Still, when I saw honey at my neighborhood Greenmarket, I figured, oh, what the hell; it’s only $2.50, and bought this:

    local honey

    In short, I love it. I don’t know what it is — maybe because it’s buckwheat instead of clover honey? — but the taste is different enough that I’m eating it on whatever I can think of.

    Also, I love that it’s packed by Paul and Barb.

    packed by Paul & Barb

    Good ol’ Paul and Barb, with their bees, just hanging out, putting honey into jars.


    Now the question part: I need a better way of dispensing this honey. I like these bottom dispensing ones, but the Amazon reviews for it are less than stellar. I admit I am intrigued by this bee-shaped one, although it looks like it would make a tremendous mess.