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    A squishy green miracle.

    Avocado has long been my food texture nemesis… squishy, fatty, ooky, blech.


    Back in April, my Master Composter class got together to make a lasagna-style compost bed at a local community garden and a bunch of my classmates brought food for lunch. So, as I was loading a plate with pasta salad and cookies and whatever else, I saw someone had brought guacamole and, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, I scooped some onto my plate.

    I took a bite (hoping not to visibly grimace) and… it was good. Like, really good. So good, I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before: I asked my classmate for her recipe. I’ve made it twice already in the past month and I kinda already want to make it again. Like right now.

    What follows is the recipe my compost classmate Lucy generously shared with me (with a few additional suggestions by me):

    Lucy’s Guacamole
    Combine the following:
    – 5 avocados
    – 1/4 red onion
    – 3tbs of fresh cilantro
    – 1 plum tomato 
    – fresh juice of 1 lime (some one told me their secret was extra lime juice, so I put a whole bunch)
    – Himalayan Pink salt (sea salt is fine)
    – fresh ground pepper

    My version
    I use four avocados, because the local market sells bundles of 4 for cheaper than buying them individually and I use two plum tomatoes because I really like the tomatoes in it.  Depending on how juicy the limes are, I sometimes end up needing two instead. Oh, and about a half-teaspoon of cumin in this is good too but then again, I like cumin in almost anything. True facts.