• Anne

    Congrats! It looks way prettier than my “rustic” pies. I love the Martha Stewart recipe. Did you dorkily time the dough in the food processor like I do? I would expect no less from a gal who buys acronym-themed snacks for the Oscars.

  • Kristen

    Sadly, I didn’t get to try that. Halfway through adding the butter, I found my tiny food processor to be completely overwhelmed by the job so I did the rest by hand (and ordered a grown-up size food processor as soon as the crust was in the fridge).

  • brokendecade

    Was it just me or did one of those people address you as Kate?
    I’ve made apple, pecan and pumpkin pie. The one time I made blueberry pie, it looked amazing but the filling never jelled ( or is it gelled?). I thought it would firm up and took it in the car with me. We came to a stop sign and I had blueberry goop all over my shirt. I was holding the pie tin on a cookie sheet on my lap for “safety.”
    Now that I think about it, that was the last pie I made.
    I have a food processor but when I make my pie crust in it, no matter how little I pulse, it gets too soft and gooey so I make it by hand.

  • Kristen

    Yeah… they did. I was going to correct them, but then I figured, why bother?

    My filling was pretty gooey, even though it had flour AND cornstarch in it.

    Also, either gel or jell are acceptable spellings. Who knew?

  • Jess

    This is a little silly, but today is Pi day. March 14, 3.14. My friends and I get together today and eat pie. So happy Pi day and congrats on your pie.