Cheese is the new wine: Capra Goat Cheese with Honey

Now, in my house, I am the cheese person. I’m the one who stands at the cheese counter looking equally perplexed and enraptured, deciding on cheeses a quarter-pound at a time, and then I bring them home and pick away at them over the course of a couple days. My husband and kid will sometimes try the cheeses I bring home (usually at my insistence), but otherwise, I’m King of the Cheese around here.

When I took this goat cheese with honey out of the fridge yesterday afternoon, I made my usual offer to everyone besides me: “Here, have a bite; you might like it.”

Within 20 minutes, I was looking at this:

Capra Goat Cheese with Honey

“I love this cheese!” said my kid.

My husband agreed, saying, “I think I might be in love with this cheese.”

What did I think? Well…

Imagine an incredibly good cheesecake filling — honey-sweet, very rich, with a nice goat-milky tang. Could you eat gobs of it on its own? Then this cheese is for you. It was not, however, for me. The sweetness got to be too much for me after more than a bite or two and I surrendered the rest to those who liked it more.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat milk, starter culture, rennet, salt, honey.
Country of origin: Belgium.
Aged: “Only a few weeks.”
Price: $8.99/lb. at Fairway.
Final verdict: Good, I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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6 thoughts on “Cheese is the new wine: Capra Goat Cheese with Honey

  1. I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of “Things I Can Eat After I Have the Damn Baby Already.” (Item #1 Dirty Martini. Item #2 Tacos Al Pastor from the cart on Roosevelt Avenue)

  2. I bet it would have been good in some kind of desserty… something or other. Maybe with fruit. But on its own with usual cheese accompaniments, not so much.

  3. What if you tried spreading it on almond thins (cookie/crackers)? Chevre on almond thins is called an “orgasm.”

    There is no way to relate that without sounding awkward.

  4. I don’t know. I ate this cheese on completely unsweetened whole wheat toasts and on a cream cracker and it was still cloying. On something even slightly sweetened, I think it would be inedible.

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